Preparations for rail replacement
Preparations for rail replacement

It is a priority for GYSEV to always be able to provide its customers and clients a safe and modern infrastructure with a large throughput and processing capacity.

In the Hungarian branch of the company, the Operations Division ensures the conditions for the safe and fast train traffic. It plans and manages traffic on the company’s Hungarian routes and provides the services specified in the company’s Network Statement.

GYSEV has a Central Traffic Management and Control System in order to increase the capacity of its single-track lines. 

The technical areas of the company have been working in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard for years. The company handles around 1500-1700 wagons every day, with its marshalling yard and terminal in Sopron playing an important role as a hub between transport running between East and West resp. North and South.

The infrastructure organization is primarily responsible for ensuring that the necessary technical conditions for train traffic are available around the clock, both on GYSEV’s own lines and on the lines operated by the company, and that any errors and disruptions are efficiently rectified. The areas of activity of the organization are: infrastructure maintenance, safety engineering, overhead line maintenance, telecommunications. The organization was actively involved in several national infrastructure development projects.

In 2015, we took part in the following projects: electrification of the Porpác - Csorna - Mosonszolnok railway line, implementation of the Central Traffic Management and Control System, construction work related to the construction of the M85-M86 highways, introduction of GSM-R on the Sopron - Szombathely - Szentgotthárd line,  introduction of ETCS on the Hegyeshalom - Rajka line, modernization of the transformation substation Sopron West as well as several projects focusing on the increase of traffic safety.

In addition, GYSEV is a member of the rail freight corridors RFC Orient / East-Med, RFC Rhine-Danube and RFC Amber, in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 913/2010 for the creation of a European rail network for competitive freight transport. Thanks to the electrical operation in the line section between Rajka and Zalaszentiván, the company plays a strategic role in the operation of the Amber RFC and thus further strengthens international rail freight on the north-south axis of the Central and Eastern European rail network.

Electric traction is an indispensable prerequisite for a modern and environmentally friendly rail infrastructure.

The electrical switching of our lines, railway stations and three substations are carried out in the interest of fast and efficient operation from the dispatcher centre in Sopron, with remote control.

The year 2015 was a milestone in the life of the organization Operations, because our punctuality data, which are improving year after year, were also highly positive in 2015, both in terms of the arrivals and the departures.

It was in the same year that the company started the project of its Central Traffic Control System. It was completed in 2017, meaning that by now, the entire Hungarian line network of GSEV is controlled by means of a uniform traffic control system. As the first step in the project, the traffic control centre in Csorna was handed over. The railway lines no. 8 and 16 are remote-controlled from here. Thanks to the coordinated work of the dispatchers working in the centre, GYSEV’s punctuality has gradually improved, while the high standard of traffic safety could also be maintained. Moreover, the automatic passenger information system built into the trains and controlled by the train offers the most precise traffic information and thus increases travel comfort for our passengers.

As part of the complete reconstruction of the traffic management system, a new traffic management centre has been set up in Szombathely and a new traffic control system in Sopron. After the complete implementation of the project, all functions available in the Traffic Centre of Csorna will be available in the entire line network (uniform traffic management system with integrated smart operation, automatic passenger information, fast response) and a new simulation centre will be built in Szombathely. By integrating all safety installations of GYSEV’s network and simulating traffic disruptions, this will serve training purposes for the company’s staff working in traffic operations.


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