Andrew, the puffing steam locomotive, Kiscenk, the zippy diesel engine, interactive trail, thematic play and fitness park, locomotive exhibition, welcoming and nostalgic atmosphere. Spend an unforgettable day in Nagycenk, in the village of Count István Széchenyi! 
The Széchenyi Museum Railway of Nagycenk is located opposite Széchenyi Castle, next to the linden alley. 

Visitors arriving by car can park for free in the parking lot next to Road 85. Visitors coming from Road 84 can get to the Museum Railway through Vám Street. 


Visitors arriving by train can change from the main line to the narrow-gauge railway in Fertőboz.  

timetable (Győr-Sopron-Győr)

Main highlights of Nagycenk

  • Traveling with the Museum Railway between Nagycenk and Fertőboz;
  • Strolling in the open-air loco museum;
  • Getting active in the new play and fitness park
  • Easy walk along the beautiful linden alley;
  • Visiting the Széchenyi Memorial Museum;
  • Taking a short walk and visiting the Széchenyi mausoleum.

We wish you a pleasant trip and a wonderful time in Nagycenk!


The Széchenyi Museum Railway of Nagycenk is closed from 24th October 2022. Next opening April 2023.

The Széchenyi Museum Railway of Nagycenk is open from 8th April to 23rd October 2023 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays as well as on certain weekdays announced in advance.

Opening times: 9.00 am – 6.30 pm

If the museum railway is CLOSED, the open-air museum and the play and fitness park cannot be visited either.


Ticket prices 2023

Type of ticket One-way ticket,
short distance (Kastély – Barátság-Kastély)
Return ticket
Full price 800 HUF 1 400 HUF
Children’s ticket * 600 HUF 900 HUF
Steam loco surcharge 700 HUF 1 100 HUF
Family ticket ** 2 400 HUF 4 200 HUF
Steam loco family ticket ** 5 000 HUF 8 000 HUF
Bike ticket 600 HUF 900 HUF

* Children’s ticket: from 3 to 14 years of age
** Family ticket: 2 adults and 2 children

Bike transport

Subject to operating conditions, the museum railway offers bike transport on the trains. The related fare is indicated in the tariff table, tickets are available for one-way trip and return trip alike.
Bike transport is only permitted with a valid train ticket. Due to the historical nature and design of the vehicles, bicycles may only be transported to a limited extent in the luggage car of trains pulled by a steam locomotive.

Special trains

For operational reasons, special trains must be ordered at least 14 days before the planned departure.

Diesel special train: 130.000 HUF

Requests should be submitted to:

  • Mail: GYSEV Zrt. Passenger Transport Division H-9400 Sopron, Mátyás király utca 19.
  • Phone: +36 99/577-475 
  • E- mail: nagycenk-muzeumvasut [at] gysev [dot] hu

The price of the special train will be communicated upon prior request.

Cancellation and changes:

Special trains can be cancelled and - subject to operating conditions – the trip details can be modified free of charge 72 hours before the scheduled departure.

Drive a locomotive

Subject to operating conditions, the museum railway offers driving of the steam locomotive under supervision.
Price of loco drive: 5.000 HUF / person / occasion 
Pre-requisite: at least 16 years of age 
Before the drive, a declaration must be completed, signed and given to the operations manager.
At the last station, the drivers can pay the price of the loco drive and they will receive a certificate as honorary locomotive driver from the operations manager. 

Logo of the Széchenyi Museum Railways of Nagycenk


Business Rules