Organizational structure

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Dr. János Perényi

Dr. János Perényi

Kövesdi Szilárd István
Kövesdi Szilárd István
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tel.:+36 (99) 577-226
Fax:+36 (99) 577-108
E-mail: info [at] gysev [dot] hu


Ungvári Csaba Gergely
Ungvári Csaba Gergely
Deputy CEO

Tel.:+36 (99) 577-226
Fax:+36 (99) 577-108
E-mail: info [at] gysev [dot] hu 

Ikker Tibor
Ikker Tibor
Director of Infrastructure

Tel.:+36 (99) 577-110
Fax:+36 (99) 577-108
E-mail: info [at] gysev [dot] hu

Varga András
Varga András
Director of Engineering

Tel.:+36 (99) 577-469
Fax:+36 (99) 577-108
E-mail: info [at] gysev [dot] hu

Takács Ádám István
Takács Ádám István
Director of Passenger Transport

Tel.:+36 (99) 577-365
Fax:+36 (99) 577-384
E-mail: info [at] gysev [dot] hu

Harasztovics Tímea Katalin​​​​​​​
Harasztovics Tímea Katalin
Human Resources Director

Tel.:+36 (99) 577-218
Fax:+36 (99) 577-370
E-mail: info [at] gysev [dot] hu

Riba Katalin
Riba Katalin
Acting Director of Finance

Tel.:+36 (99) 577-126
Fax:+36 (99) 577-295
E-mail: info [at] gysev [dot] hu

Czibula András Tamás
Czibula András Tamás ​​​​​
Director of Strategic Technical Development

Tel.:+36 (99) 577-104
Fax:+36 (99) 577-342
E-mail: info [at] gysev [dot] hu


Név Szolgh Munkakör Vezetékes_városi E-mail
Dani Zoltán  Security Head of Security  +3699577321 info [at] gysev [dot] hu (info[at]gysev[dot]hu)
Dénes Zsuzsanna  HR Development Head of HR Development  +3699577588 info [at] gysev [dot] hu (info[at]gysev[dot]hu)
Ferenczi-Nagy Ágnes Controlling Head of Controlling +3699577123 info [at] gysev [dot] hu (info[at]gysev[dot]hu)
Görög Tibor  Public Procurement Head of Public Procurement  +3699577486 info [at] gysev [dot] hu (info[at]gysev[dot]hu)
Háry András Márk International Relations Head of International Relations  +3612245820 info [at] gysev [dot] hu (info[at]gysev[dot]hu)
Horváth Péter  HR Management Head of HR Management +3699577115 info [at] gysev [dot] hu (info[at]gysev[dot]hu)
Horváth Zsolt  Property Management Coordination Head of Property Management  +3699577233 info [at] gysev [dot] hu (info[at]gysev[dot]hu)
Kiss Edit  Passenger Transport Operations Head of Passenger Transport Operations  +3699577157 info [at] gysev [dot] hu (info[at]gysev[dot]hu)
Kiss Tibor  Rolling Stock Maintenance Head of Rolling Stock Maintenance  +3699577180 info [at] gysev [dot] hu (info[at]gysev[dot]hu)
Lőkkös Endre  Traction Head of Traction  +3699577280 info [at] gysev [dot] hu (info[at]gysev[dot]hu)
Máté Judit Mária  Accounting & Finance Head of Accounting & Finance  +3699577315 info [at] gysev [dot] hu (info[at]gysev[dot]hu)
Mayer-Boros Krisztina  CEO's Cabinet Head of CEO's Cabinet +3699577101 info [at] gysev [dot] hu (info[at]gysev[dot]hu)
Nagy Károly  Traffic Management Coordination Head of Traffic Management  +3699577301 info [at] gysev [dot] hu (info[at]gysev[dot]hu)
Némethné Gara Ildikó  Sales & Marketing Head of Sales & Marketing +3699577619 info [at] gysev [dot] hu (info[at]gysev[dot]hu)
Pócza Gábor  Information Technology (IT) Head of Information Technology (IT) +3699577119 info [at] gysev [dot] hu (info[at]gysev[dot]hu)
Rozsenich Tamás  Procurement and Inventory Management Head of Procurement and Inventory Management +3699577286 info [at] gysev [dot] hu (info[at]gysev[dot]hu)
Seifert István  Infrastructure Coordination Head of Infrastructure +3699577251 info [at] gysev [dot] hu (info[at]gysev[dot]hu)
Szarjas Tímea  Hotel Sopron Management Head of Catering +3699512261 info [at] gysev [dot] hu (info[at]gysev[dot]hu)
Passenger Transport Division

The goal of GYSEV’s passenger transport division is to increase the demand for public transport in western Hungary and eastern Austria by promoting commuter and leisure traffic with the help of customer-friendly rail passenger transport services of the highest quality.

The key elements of this mission are continuous product development, wide range of attractive products, efficient communication and high-quality transport services in order to keep increasing the number of travellers. GYSEV stimulates traffic in the region by promoting interoperability through its complex services.

The company is in close co-operation with the bus company Volánbusz Zrt.: they operate common ticket offices in Körmend, Szentgotthárd, Bük and Sopron, common information points at the main railway stations and bus stations, and their passenger information systems provide information about each other’s timetables.

The number of combined transport offers is growing from year to year, GYSEV is offering more and more types of combined tickets and combined season tickets for its customers.

The long-term goal of the passenger transport division is to play a leading role in regional passenger rail transport in western Hungary and on the cross-border railway lines along the border with Austria. The company has been a member of the Vienna-based Verkehrsverbund Ost-Region (VOR) since 1994. It provides transport services for commuter traffic in Burgenland, integrates Sopron into the hourly regular traffic to Vienna and also plays an important role in the passenger transport of Szombathely.

Our primary goal is to provide high-quality suburban transportation to the regional centres with the help of timetables and vehicles that are tailored to the needs of regularly commuting passengers. 

The increase in the number of our passengers is mainly due to convenient timetables and the introduction of combined tickets as well as measures that increase travel comfort, such as the display of real-time information in the trains or the construction of Bike & Ride facilities at the railway stations.

To increase the service quality, GYSEV operates FLIRT railcars and InterCity-cars called RaaberCity. Besides, the company offers free Wi-Fi at its main railway stations, in the IC- trains and railcars, and free parking at the stations of Sopron and Szombathely.

Infrastructure Division

Information about the infrastructure

Preparations for rail replacement
Preparations for rail replacement

The content of the menu item “Information about the infrastructure” is only accessible to our customers who have a Network Access Contract after logging in with the user name we had given.

József Bencsics Sales Representative 
e-mail: jbencsics [at] gysev [dot] hu

It is a priority for GYSEV to always be able to provide its customers and clients a safe and modern infrastructure with a large throughput and processing capacity.

In the Hungarian branch of the company, the Operations Division ensures the conditions for the safe and fast train traffic. It plans and manages traffic on the company’s Hungarian routes and provides the services specified in the company’s Network Statement.

GYSEV has a Central Traffic Management and Control System in order to increase the capacity of its single-track lines. 

The technical areas of the company have been working in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard for years. The company handles around 1500-1700 wagons every day, with its marshalling yard and terminal in Sopron playing an important role as a hub between transport running between East and West resp. North and South.

The infrastructure organization is primarily responsible for ensuring that the necessary technical conditions for train traffic are available around the clock, both on GYSEV’s own lines and on the lines operated by the company, and that any errors and disruptions are efficiently rectified. The areas of activity of the organization are: infrastructure maintenance, safety engineering, overhead line maintenance, telecommunications. The organization was actively involved in several national infrastructure development projects.

In 2015, we took part in the following projects: electrification of the Porpác - Csorna - Mosonszolnok railway line, implementation of the Central Traffic Management and Control System, construction work related to the construction of the M85-M86 highways, introduction of GSM-R on the Sopron - Szombathely - Szentgotthárd line,  introduction of ETCS on the Hegyeshalom - Rajka line, modernization of the transformation substation Sopron West as well as several projects focusing on the increase of traffic safety.

In addition, GYSEV is a member of the rail freight corridors RFC Orient / East-Med, RFC Rhine-Danube and RFC Amber, in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 913/2010 for the creation of a European rail network for competitive freight transport. Thanks to the electrical operation in the line section between Rajka and Zalaszentiván, the company plays a strategic role in the operation of the Amber RFC and thus further strengthens international rail freight on the north-south axis of the Central and Eastern European rail network.

Electric traction is an indispensable prerequisite for a modern and environmentally friendly rail infrastructure.

The electrical switching of our lines, railway stations and three substations are carried out in the interest of fast and efficient operation from the dispatcher centre in Sopron, with remote control.

The year 2015 was a milestone in the life of the organization Operations, because our punctuality data, which are improving year after year, were also highly positive in 2015, both in terms of the arrivals and the departures.

It was in the same year that the company started the project of its Central Traffic Control System. It was completed in 2017, meaning that by now, the entire Hungarian line network of GSEV is controlled by means of a uniform traffic control system. As the first step in the project, the traffic control centre in Csorna was handed over. The railway lines no. 8 and 16 are remote-controlled from here. Thanks to the coordinated work of the dispatchers working in the centre, GYSEV’s punctuality has gradually improved, while the high standard of traffic safety could also be maintained. Moreover, the automatic passenger information system built into the trains and controlled by the train offers the most precise traffic information and thus increases travel comfort for our passengers.

As part of the complete reconstruction of the traffic management system, a new traffic management centre has been set up in Szombathely and a new traffic control system in Sopron. After the complete implementation of the project, all functions available in the Traffic Centre of Csorna will be available in the entire line network (uniform traffic management system with integrated smart operation, automatic passenger information, fast response) and a new simulation centre will be built in Szombathely. By integrating all safety installations of GYSEV’s network and simulating traffic disruptions, this will serve training purposes for the company’s staff working in traffic operations.

Engineering Division
Mechanical locomotive

The engineering division of GYSEV is responsible for the provision of services in the field of vehicle operation (traction with homologated and leased locomotives) and vehicle maintenance, the provision of the necessary personnel and the implementation of maintenance, repairs and various overhauls of traction vehicles and wagons.

The organization has dedicated teams for chemical defence and an on-call accident management team.

Organisations controlled by the Engineering Division:

Traction – It provides the traction services for the passenger and freight transports ordered as well as for shunting and other services. 

Vehicle maintenance – Its task is to guarantee the correct technical condition of the rolling stock of GYSEV and GYSEV CARGO as well as the technical management of the vehicle fleet. Depending on its free capacities, the organization also accepts maintenance orders from other railway companies and also carries out other commissioned services.


  • Welding
  • ECM
  • Official technical licence

Vehicle maintenance

  • Repair of locomotives
  • Repair of motor cars
  • Repair of passenger cars 
  • Repair of freight wagons

Wagon inspection
Other services e.g., maintenance of fire extinguishers, boiler manager

Director of Engineering: Mr. András Varga 
E-mail: info [at] gysev [dot] hu
​Phone: +36 99/577-444

Service Management Division

The most important goal of the service management division of GYSEV is to satisfy procurement demand professionally, cost-efficiently and in accordance with valid regulations in order to ensure the company’s uninterrupted and smooth operation.
Within its centralized procurement scheme, the company’s organizations Public Procurement resp. Procurement and Inventory Management ensure that the materials, tools, machines, devices and services required to meet the needs that arise in the course of operations are always available in the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity and quality and at the right price, and that construction work is completed in the appropriate quality and on time.

In addition to ensuring that procurement needs are met, this business unit is responsible for planning the company’s procurement activities, developing a procurement strategy, streamlining procurement, and optimizing procurement and inventory management costs. It co-operates with the different specialist areas of the company and generally contributes to its more innovative and efficient operation.

Within the meaning of Act CXLIII of 2015 on the award of public contracts, Section 5 Paragraph (1) lit. e) and Section 6, GYSEV is considered a public contracting authority, so it is legally obliged to carry out certain procurements and investments whose value exceeds the threshold set in the law within the framework of strictly regulated public procurement procedures.

The main task of the Public Procurement organization is to carry out and document the procurement procedures initiated by the company in accordance with the applicable legal provisions and to register the contracts concluded on the basis of the procedures. In addition, the organizational unit is obliged to regularly transmit data and provide information in connection with the concluded contracts. It also assists the various departments of the company in fulfilling the contracts on public procurement issues.
In the case of procurements that are not subject to the Public Procurement Act, the Procurement and Inventory Management organization ensures the procurement of required materials, tools and services in accordance with the company’s internal regulations - after selecting the appropriate partners (seller, supplier, entrepreneur, etc.) - by concluding short-term and long-term contracts, in order to increase the company’s competitiveness and its after-tax earnings.

As part of inventory management, the procurement organization ensures that the company’s operational procurement needs are satisfied at short notice in accordance with the contracts concluded. It therefore continuously monitors inventory levels and also operates a partner evaluation system. It also ensures that used products are reused, performs logistical tasks in connection with waste management and operates the company’s diesel filling stations in Sopron and Szombathely, which supply the diesel traction vehicles with fuel.

Human Resources

The provision and keeping of suitably qualified and experienced workforce are a strategic priority of the GYSEV group of companies. To this end, we have further expanded our professional relationships with local and regional chambers, government agencies and specialized educational institutions in secondary, tertiary and adult education.

Strategic Technical Development (Project Office)

The basic task of the Project Office is on the one hand to work out long-term ideas, proposals and plans, i.e., strategic concepts for infrastructure development, and on the other hand to prepare and implement these investment projects, which usually require considerable financing. The day-to-day work of the Project Office is therefore quite complex and varied.

The Project Office explores potential funding opportunities and aligns them with the works planned in the company. The aim is always to get the highest possible financial support for the projects (mostly from the EU) so that the preparations for the projects can begin.
The employees of the Project Office coordinate the project work from the beginning to the end, i.e., from the handover of a project site until the placing into operation, and personally monitor the implementation of the work. Their job also includes financial planning, which is inextricably linked to the technical progress of the projects, as well as monitoring the actual use of the funds and their accounting.

Corporate Finance

The task of the company’s finances is to prepare the annual financial statements, the annual business plan and the inter-annual economic forecasts in order to inform the company’s owners and creditors in accordance with legal requirements. The organization supports and coordinates external financial audits and oversees the company’s valuation, inventory and cash management activities. It supervises the taxation system, works together with auditors and banks, and monitors potentially attainable government grants. It operates the company’s accounting system, checks the implementation of plans and makes suggestions for measures based on deviation analyses.

GYSEV Cargo terminal

GYSEV CARGO Zrt. was outsourced from GYSEV on 1st January 2011 in order to independently handle rail freight transport in Europe as a subsidiary of GYSEV. The GYSEV group of companies takes great care to make use of the advantages of this integrated operation. GYSEV CARGO offers its customers 140 years of experience in freight transport, the corresponding know-how and innovative solutions of high quality, regardless whether in rail freight transport or the related logistics services.

Since its foundation in 2011, GYSEV CARGO has achieved excellent results in the Hungarian rail freight market and is the second largest market player in terms of the transported volume.

The geographic location of GYSEV’S infrastructure is extremely ideal as it is located along several important international rail freight corridors. In both Hungary and Austria, GYSEV CARGO offers complex solutions in all areas of its different activities. In addition to block train transports, it also forwards individual consignments and operates an intermodal terminal in its Logistics Centre in Sopron.

It is a major challenge for GYSEV CARGO to cope with the strong competition in the freight transport market due to the liberalization of the railways. However, with the help of our highly qualified employees, complex services and modern vehicles and facilities, we try to meet the constantly changing requirements of the market and of our customers as much as possible. As a result, our transports running outside of our own lines is constantly increasing. We have been offering flexible, high quality and reliable transport services in the transport market of Central Europe for several years.

Our operating license as a railway undertaking, our independent traction capacity, the support of our Austrian subsidiary Raaberbahn Cargo GmbH and our cooperation with other railway companies have helped us to become one of the most dynamically developing and most reliable “private railways” in the region.


Railroad services:

  • Rail freight transport
  • Wagon collection / block train composition 
  • Antenna-like distribution / collection of arriving block trains
  • Re-expedition 
  • Handling of dangerous goods /RID 
  • Tracking & Tracing 
  • Technical train inspection
  • Technical wagon repairs 
  • Weighing of wagons

Logistic services:

  • Warehouse logistics
  • Loading and unloading goods to/from railway wagons 
  • Road transport organisation 
  • Organisation of pre- and post-carriage 
  • Moving and storage of containers

Additional services:

  • Customs clearance
  • Train and wagon surveillance
  • Cleaning and repair of containers
  • Consultation

Operator services


H-9400 Sopron, Mátyás király u. 19.
E-mail: info [at] gysevcargo [dot] hu

Neusiedler Seebahn AG

Neusiedler Seebahn Aktiengesellschaft (NSB AG) is an international public railway company whose trains run between Neusiedl am See (AT) and Fertőszentmiklós (HU). The railway was opened to traffic on 19th December 1897.

On 1st July 2015, GYSEV purchased NSB AG from the Austrian company NSB GmbH. Consequently, the 11 km long Hungarian line section between Fertőszentmiklós and Pamhagen has become the property of GYSEV.

The Hungarian and Austrian lines of NSB AG are operated by GYSEV.

Traffic on the lines of Neusiedler Seebahn originally started in 1897. At that time, the railway line was 111 km long and ran from Celldömölk via Eszterháza-Fertőszentmiklós to Parndorf. After the Treaty of Trianon, a 38 km long section became Austrian property. A significant part of the Hungarian line was closed in 1979, and since then Neusiedler Seebahn has been connecting the communities of Fertőszentmiklós and Neusiedl am See. In both Hungary and Austria, the operator of the line has been GYSEV from the start.

The line of NSB was electrified in 2004 with the Hungarian electricity system, but double-deck trains of ÖBB (Austrian State Railways) also run here. The public passenger transport services are ensured by GYSEV, which uses electric multiple units and shuttle trains rented from ÖBB to implement the traffic.

The shares of NSB AG were transferred to NSB GmbH in 2010 in accordance with Austrian law. The owners of Neusiedler Seebahn GmbH are the Verkehrsinfrastruktur Burgenland GmbH with 50.1% of the shares and the Republic of Austria with a stake of 49.9%. It is the NSB GmbH, from which GYSEV bought Neusiedler Seebahn AG, so that NSB AG has become a 100% subsidiary of GYSEV.


H-9400 Sopron, Mátyás király u. 19.
E-mail: fhev [at] gysev [dot] hu (fhev)info [at] gysevcargo [dot] hu ( [at] gysev [dot] hu ( )

Branch Offices in Vienna and Wulkaprodersdorf

The aim of the Austrian branch offices of the company is to ensure proper operation in Austria in accordance with Austrian legislation and the safety regulations applicable in Austria.

Organisations of the branch offices 


The aim of the Operations area is to organize the activities in the area of rail transport, to ensure the relevant professional, personnel and material requirements and the safe and profitable management of the transport, taking into account the needs of the principals.


The aim of the Infrastructure area is to ensure that all rail infrastructure systems, telecommunications and safety equipment as well as the overhead lines and other electrical equipment are in a safe and operational state.

Passenger Transport

The passenger transport area carries out strategic and operational tasks associated with passenger transport activities as well as tasks associated with the handling of traffic and provides a safe and customer-oriented passenger transport service in the Austrian branch of the company in accordance with the quality and quantity parameters expected by the principals.  


GYSEV would like its stations to be welcoming gathering places that meet all needs of the travellers and where they can spend the waiting time with a good coffee, crispy fresh baked goods and fresh newspapers.

At Sopron railway station:

  • Café and bakery with a modern design
  • Baked goods made from selected materials that are baked on site
  • Delicious sandwiches
  • Freshly ground coffee, large selection of drinks
  • Newspapers, crackers

For our passengers and all those who prefer quality products!

GYSEV Zrt. Sopron Expresszó
H-9400 Sopron, Állomás u. 2.
Opening times: daily 5:30 -17:00  
Phone: +36 30 866 2142
E-mail: expresszo [dot] sopron [at] gysev [dot] hu

Hotel Sopron

The website of Hotel Sopron is available at