Everyday tips – every step counts!


Környezettudatosság az utazás során


Being environmentally conscious at home may be much easier than while traveling.

Our everyday tips will help you be an environmentally conscious passenger!


📅    Using a digital calendar is not only convenient, but also free and also reduces paper consumption.

📚  Instead of buying books, borrow them from the library or try out GYSEV’s reading corners at Sopron railway station.

💳   Pay with bank card.








Hulladékok megfelelő kezelése


Selective waste collection is possible so collect waste separately and be an environmentally conscious passenger!

Try to avoid using single-use plastic!

♻️   Use recycled paper cups 

🚮    Instead of nylon, use fabric bags

🫙   Instead of PET bottles, use a drinking bottle

Remember – every step counts! 



Utazás a tisztább levegő érdekében



When you travel, opt for solutions with a lower carbon footprint.


🚆 The railway – does not pollute the air, causes minimal noise and always has priority.

🚲 No problem if you don't have a bike – rent one!

🛴 A kick scooter is relatively fast, easy to store and transport.

🚶‍♀️ Go for a walk - To keep fit, we recommend walking for 30 min every day – at the same time, you will protect the environment!

Make a change to preserve air quality and become a conscious passenger!👆