The engineering division of GYSEV is responsible for the provision of services in the field of vehicle operation (traction with homologated and leased locomotives) and vehicle maintenance, the provision of the necessary personnel and the implementation of maintenance, repairs and various overhauls of traction vehicles and wagons.

The organization has dedicated teams for chemical defence and an on-call accident management team.

Organisations controlled by the Engineering Division:

Traction – It provides the traction services for the passenger and freight transports ordered as well as for shunting and other services. 

Vehicle maintenance – Its task is to guarantee the correct technical condition of the rolling stock of GYSEV and GYSEV CARGO as well as the technical management of the vehicle fleet. Depending on its free capacities, the organization also accepts maintenance orders from other railway companies and also carries out other commissioned services.


  • Welding
  • ECM
  • Official technical licence


Vehicle maintenance

  • Repair of locomotives
  • Repair of motor cars
  • Repair of passenger cars 
  • Repair of freight wagons

Wagon inspection
Other services e.g., maintenance of fire extinguishers, boiler manager


Director of Engineering: Mr. András Varga 
E-mail: info [at] gysev [dot] hu
​Phone: +36 99/577-444