General information

Announcement of the trip

Group trips must be announced online at least 7 days before the planned departure on the relevant interface.

Purchase of tickets

If the ticket is not purchased for a return trip, a separate application must be submitted for both the outward journey and the return journey. A new application must also be submitted if you are traveling with interruptions and new tickets need to be purchased for each line section.
The name of the institute / group as well as the name of the person accompanying the group and their contact details must be given in the travel application (phone number, e-mail address)

Billing and validity of the tickets

The fare is settled with the ticket. The railway company shall settle the price for each person named in the same travel application from the departure station specified in the application to the specified destination station.

The validity of a single ticket corresponds to the validity of a full-price single ticket for the same distance, in the case of return it is the 14th day after the first day of validity.

If, in the case of group billing, the first day of the ticket’s validity is changed, the ticket can be exchanged.

Start of the journey

The journey must begin on the day specified in the application and with the train specified therein. If the group cannot start the journey with this train, the change in departure time must be reported to the ticket office at least 2 hours before the train departs.

Interruption of the journey

The intention to interrupt the journey must be announced in advance when purchasing the ticket at the departure station and must also be stated in the travel application. The travel interruptions reported in this way do not have to be verified at the station where the journey is interrupted. Travel interruptions not previously reported when purchasing tickets will be checked in accordance with general regulations.

Reimbursement in case of cancellation of the trip

If the reported trip is canceled or postponed for any reason, but the railway company has already provided services in the course of the preparations, it can request reimbursement of its costs.


If the group has traveled with fewer people than previously announced, in a lower carriage class or on a shorter route and this has been confirmed by the conductor with reference to the number of people and the amount of the discount, the group can request a refund of the fare difference. The relevant application form can be requested from the Passenger Centre at Sopron railway station; the conductor’s confirmation and the ticket must be attached to the application.

Group discounts

Be it class trips, family programs, trips with friends or other group trips, we will bring you to your destination comfortably, quickly and safely, at affordable prices!

Type of group Discount rate Type of discount Conditions Other information
Preschool groups 90% Reduced ticket From 6 years, with prior written notification  per 10 children
also for 3 accompanying persons
Student groups 50% Student group discount Students under 10 years, with prior written notification per 10 children
also for 2 accompanying persons
Students over 10 years, with prior written notification per 10 children
also for 1 accompanying person
Adult groups 20% Group travel discount At least 10 pax, max. 19 pax, with prior written notification  
33% At least 20 pax, max. 49 pax, with prior written notification  
50% Over 50 pax, with prior written notification  
Special train

In addition to the scheduled trains, special trains can be ordered in writing at least 21 calendar days before the scheduled service at gysev [at] gysev [dot] hu

Please provide the following information for your order:

  • name, address and contact details of the customer (phone, e-mail),
  • date of the journey,
  • departure and arrival time of the special train,
  • departure and destination station, stops, desired route,
  • planned number of travellers,
  • type and number of passanger coach,
  • station en route where passengers get on and off the train as well as the number of such passengers,
  • other requested services.

GYSEV Zrt. informs the customer in writing within 7 working days after receipt of the order whether the special train can be made available. 

The service fee is calculated individually, its amount as well as the method and time of payment are specified in the contract between the customer and the railway company. 

Special carriages

The railway company can provide special carriages subject to capacity. Claims to sleeping cars, couchettes, dining or buffet cars and special cars must be made in writing at least 21 calendar days in advance.

A full price ticket is charged for special carriages.
GYSEV will inform the customer in writing about the availability of special carriages within 7 working days after receipt of the order.

Transport service fee

The customer and the railway company shall conclude a separate service contract for the transport service of the special carriage.

Group travel request

Group travel request