General information

Please note that the capacity for bicycle transport is limited. We kindly ask you to let us know in advance that you will be bringing a bike with you so that we can ensure the service.

A fee will be charged for bike transport based on the distance. One person can only take one bicycle with them.

Price of the bike tickets:

  • less than 50 km uniformly 235 HUF,
  • over 50 km the price increases per km zone.

You can buy a bike ticket no earlier than 60 days in advance. It is advisable to buy the bike ticket together with the rail ticket.

If group travel is announced in advance, GYSEV will provide a bicycle carriage, depending on the operating conditions.

Getting to the station by bike – Rail & Bike

Bicycle parking and stations and stops

GYSEV offers convenient and safe parking of you bicycle at numerous railway stations and thus contributes to sustainable transport by facilitating the combination of bike and rail. 
The following tables show the bicycle parking options for each railway line.

We wish you a pleasant trip!

Central stations

StationCovered bike rackOpen bike rack

Szombathely–Szentgotthárd railway line

LineStation/stopCovered bike rackOpen bike rack

Szombathely–Kőszeg railway line

LineStation/stopCovered bike rackOpen bike rack
18Kámon 10
18Gencsapáti alsó 20
18Gencsapáti felső 20
18Gyöngyösfalu 20
18Lukácsháza 16
18Kőszeg 40

Rajka–Hegyeshalom–Szombathely–Zalaszentiván railway line

LineStation/stopCovered bike rackOpen bike rack
1Rajka 20
16Jánossomorja 30
16Beled 20
16Répcelak 36
17Sorkifalud 30
17Vasvár 30

Sopron–Szombathely railway line

LineStation/stopCovered bike rackOpen bike rack
15Kópháza 10
15Nagycenk  20
15Sopronkövesd 30
15Tormásliget 20
15Acsád 22
15Salköveskút-Vassurány 44

Sopron–Győr railway line

LineStation/stopCovered bike rackOpen bike rack
8Fertőszentmiklós 38
8Petőháza 20
8Vitnyéd 10
8Kapuvár 44
8Rábatamási 20
8Kóny 20
8Enese 10
8Rábapatona 10
8Ikrény 10
Cheaper fares

If you have a monthly pass, it pays off after 3 return trips if you buy a monthly pass for your bike.

The transport of folding bikes - up to the size of the hand luggage specified in the Business Rules and the weight described therein - is free of charge.

If you are also a member of the Hungarian Cycling Club, you will receive 25% discount on the fare of the bike ticket on the domestic routes of GYSEV and MÁV-START upon presentation of the membership card.

Bike tour tickets

Travel by bike at great prices! The advantage of a bike tour ticket is that you can travel anywhere from Hungary for 420 HUF to Lake Balaton, Lake Tisza or Lake Neusiedl and also have unlimited changes on the day the ticket is valid. If you have a bike tour ticket, you only need a valid ticket to travel by train.

For example, if you want to travel from Nyíregyháza to Lake Neusiedl, then it is worth buying a bike tour ticket for your rail ticket, with which you can get to the railway stations of the lake. On the same day, you don’t need to buy new bike tickets between the individual railway stations of Lake Neusiedl, you just need to have a valid rail ticket for the route.

The discount includes the following railways stations at Lake Neusiedl, Lake Balaton and Lake Tisza.

International bike transport

For the Szombathely – Vienna / Wiener Neustadt / Graz and Fertőszentmiklós – Vienna routes, bicycle transport is free of charge in both Hungary and Austria with a EURegio Special return ticket. The ticket also allows the interruption of the trip.

Between Fertőszentmiklós and Pamhagen, the ticket is sold according to the Hungarian tariff, so that domestic rail discounts are also available here. The Neusiedler See bike ticket is also valid for the Pamhagen – Pomogy rail station.

For group cycling trips in Austria, we recommend the Einfach-Raus-Radticket, which can be bought in Sopron.

Bike transportation

FLIRT3 multiple unit

4 bicycles can be carried on the train. The bicycle must be stored in the designated place of the low-floor vehicle, next to the folding seats.

FLIRT multiple unit

6 bicycles can be carried on the train. The bicycle must be stored in the designated place of the low-floor vehicle, next to the folding seats.

Jenbacher multiple unit

3 bicycles per car be transported on the train. In the Jenbacher diesel multiple units, bikes must be parked in the designated space of the anteroom, next to the folding seats.

Please note that bicycle transport is subject to availability of space.

Bike travel request

Bike travel request