Information on ticket purchase and the conditions of domestic rail travel

Ticket purchase

Buy your ticket in advance!
Buy your ticket in advance!

Passengers must have either a valid ticket or a season ticket to travel.
Tickets can be purchased in advance 60 days before departure at the earliest. If the given station does not have a ticket office, the ticket can be purchased from the conductor on the train at no extra charge.

If the passenger does not have a ticket even though the station offered ticket sale, the passenger has to pay a surcharge in addition to the fare.

The following people can buy a ticket on the train without a surcharge:

  • Passengers who have a ticket that is valid to the connecting station on the connecting trains between GYSEV - MÁV-START, if there are less than 30 minutes between the actual arrival of the train used and the scheduled departure of the connecting train,
  • Unaccompanied passengers with disabilities or limited mobility.

The tickets must be kept until the end of the journey - until leaving the train station - and presented to the person authorized to check them.

If you have a ticket, you have travel insurance in the area of GYSEV.

Validity of tickets

Green travel by train
Green travel by train

Validity of one-way tickets 

  • Tickets for a distance of 1-100 km are valid on the specified calendar day, the journey that has already started can be completed by 03:00 am on the next day.
  • Tickets for a distance of 101-200 km are valid until midnight on the following day.
  • Tickets for a distance of 201-400 km are valid until midnight on the second day after the start of their validity.
  • Tickets for a distance of more than 400 km are valid until midnight on the third day after the start of their validity

For a distance of over 100 km, a return ticket can also be issued. 

Validity of return tickets 

  • A return ticket is valid until midnight on the 14th day after the start of its validity. The outward journey can start at any time within the validity period.
  • In the case of return tickets, where 2 separate tickets were issued for the outward and return journey, both single tickets must be kept until the end of the journey and presented to the conductor for inspection.

Trains subject to a surcharge

In the case of trains that are marked as subject to a surcharge in the timetable, the passenger must also pay the surcharge given. Trains that are subject to a surcharge can therefore only be used with a ticket and a surcharge ticket, trains for which both a surcharge ticket and a seat reservation are required can only be used with a ticket and a surcharge ticket with a seat reservation. The surcharge ticket and the seat reservation can be purchased 60 days before the planned departure at the earliest.

Information about traffic restrictions 

GYSEV always announces foreseeable traffic restrictions, in particular track closures entailing change of vehicle and replacement buses as well as train cancellations with notices at the stations concerned and on its website.

If the train is canceled due to a change in the schedule, its traffic is temporarily suspended or if it runs earlier than the schedule, the changed schedule must be published at least 14 days before the change or, in all other cases, at least 7 days before the change. In the case of a rail replacement service with buses, GYSEV can restrict their services.

Barrier-free transportation

Our station and on-board staff pay particular attention to disabled people, people with restricted mobility, the elderly, women with children, pregnant women and passengers traveling with a bicycle or luggage when they get on/off the train resp. during the journey, and grant them free help at all times.

For detailed information and reporting requirements, see below Reduced mobility travel request

Refund policy

Online customer service
Online customer service

If the passenger does not use the ticket or only partially uses it, he can request a refund of the fare or the fare difference within the validity of the ticket. If the ticket is not used, this must be done at the station of departure; if it is partially used, it must be proven at the station where the passenger waives the onward journey.

If the journey took place in a class lower than that for which the ticket had been issued, the passenger can request a refund of the fare difference based on a certificate from the conductor. The administration fee specified in the General Business Rules will be deducted from the amount to be reimbursed.
The conditions for the reimbursement of tickets purchased electronically are published on the online ticket purchase interface of the railway company.

Information on conditions of travel: GYSEV Zrt. General Business Rules of Passenger Transport, GYSEV Zrt. Tariffs

Ticket purchase with the Public Transport Mobile Ticket App

Get you ticket easily with an app in advance, without the hassle of queuing. For more details, please click on Public Transport Mobile Ticket App

Ticket prices, fares

The ticket prices for the Hungarian line sections of GYSEV already include VAT.

National rail fares:

Discounted regional tickets are available for 2nd class on certain routes. 

Discounted regional fares and relevant line sections:

Persons entitled to a travel discount
Travel at a discount!
Travel at a discount!

Persons entitled to a travel discount

  • Children,
  • large families,
  • people under 26 years of age,
  • disabled and permanently ill people,
  • people with a hearing impairment,
  • people with higher family allowances,
  • people who receive a disability allowance,
  • pensioners and people over 65 years of age,
  • people with disabilities in social welfare and their visitors,
  • people disabled by war,
  • state employees,
  • unemployed people participating in training,
  • students, persons cared for in special educational institutions and their companions and
  • Hungarians living in neighboring countries,

Terms of use of travel discounts (pp. 36-60 resp. 68-77 of the Tariffs).

Other discounts
Travel cheaper by rail!
Travel cheaper by rail!

Discounted tickets for employee season tickets

From 1th June 2021 to 30th September 2021, passengers who have an employee season ticket can buy tickets with a 33% discount for every Hungarian transport route for 2nd class. In the case of trains that are subject to a surcharge, the surcharge must be paid.

The 33% discount is available to those who, on the first day of validity of the discounted ticket, have a valid railway employee season ticket issued for the number of their own identity card for any transport route. The number of the season ticket must be stated on the ticket.

The 33% ticket can not only be bought at ticket counters, but also from ticket vending machines or online. The ticket can only be purchased for a single journey, with the application called “Vonatinfo”. 

Discounted tickets for events

Travel to certain events and festivals with discounted tickets!
Buy a return ticket at a discount price and travel comfortably and relaxed to events.

Fo more information (only in Hungarian) please visit the menu item "Rendezvényre kedvezménnyel!".

START Klub card

Do you often travel by train? Then buy a START Klub card and travel at half-price!

The START Klub card offers a 50% discount on national full price second-class tickets and a discount of almost 50% on national first-class tickets. The discount is offered for both single and return journeys in an unlimited number. The validity of the tickets corresponds to the validity and the conditions of use of the full-price tickets for the same distance (validity, interruption of the journey, etc.), but the ticket can only be used within the validity of the START Klub card. The discount can be used in 1st class by paying the price difference.

On Saturdays, not only START Klub cardholders but also one additional person can travel with a 50% discount ticket. The additional discount can be applied on Saturdays (whether public holidays or working days) from 0-24 hr. in the area of ​​MÁV-START Zrt. and on the Hungarian routes of GYSEV Zrt. The discount is valid for two passengers traveling together with tickets issued for the same route. In the case of a return trip, both trips must fall on a Saturday; this discount cannot be used by the additional person on other days.

The card holder can also take advantage of the RailPlus discount (25%) in international transport.

When purchasing the ticket, the passenger must indicate that he would like to use the discount with a START Klub card.

The START Klub card can be bought for a whole year or for six months.

Price of the START Klub card:

For 6 months under 26 years 14 900 HUF
  over 26 years 19 900 HUF
For a year under 26 years 24 900 HUF
  over 26 years 34 900 HUF

Request a START Klub card

The START Klub card is a personal plastic card with a photo and security elements. The card can be purchased at any MÁV-START and GYSEV ticket offices, in the personal customer service offices of the railway companies mentioned or at railway station ticket counters by filling in the relevant form and submitting a photo. The form can be downloaded from this website or requested at any national ticket counter. The fully completed form with the photo must be handed in personally at the counter, where the identity of the applicant will be checked (if the person is under 26, authorization will also be checked) A START Klub -26 card for people under the age of 26 is available for those who are under 26 on the first day of validity of the card.

When submitting the application form, the applicant must pay the price of the card. A receipt will then be issued that entitles the holder to the same discount as the START Klub card for 1 month from the date of payment (until the actual card is delivered). (An exception is the RailPlus discount, which cannot yet be used with a receipt.) The receipt cannot be issued in advance, the first day of validity of the START Klub card and the receipt is the day of payment. An invoice can only be issued in the name of the applicant (passenger).

The card can also be requested online. For more information, please click here.

Receipt of the START Klub card 

GYSEV will notify the applicant at the e-mail address or telephone number provided when the card is ready for collection. The card can be picked up in person during the opening hours of the ticket office or the personal customer service office selected at the time of the request, or at ticket counters of railway stations designated as START Klub pick-up point. Upon acceptance, the identity of the recipient is first checked (including the authorization for persons under the age of 26) and only then is the card handed over. The passenger confirms the takeover with his signature. Cards that have been paid for in advance can only be handed over against the receipt. The identity of the recipient will be checked in this case, too.

Extension of validity of the START Klub card

Holders of a START Klub card, whose card have expired and still want to travel at a discount, can apply for an extension of their card online, on the website of MÁV-START Zrt. For more information, please click here.

Proof of entitlement to the discount 

The valid START Klub card must be presented at the time of the ticket inspection. During the inspection, the conductor can ask the passenger to present an identity card. Tickets that do not meet the conditions of the discount will be supplemented to a full price fee against payment of a surcharge.

Refund of the START Klub card

The START Klub card cannot be refunded once its validity has commenced. Cards that have been applied for online and paid for and received before the start of the validity period can be refunded before the start of the validity period with a processing fee of 10%.

Get to know the other cards of the START Klub card family to make your trip easier!

Hungary Card

Let’s discover Hungary together!

With a Hungary Tourist Card, you can travel with GYSEV at discount prices.

The 2020 edition included the following coupons for discounted rail travel (with the use of Hungary Card Plus):

  • 4x 50% discount on a single journey in 2nd class (for every Hungarian route and every day)
  • 8 x 33% discount for a single journey (for every Hungarian route and every day),
  • 4x bicycle ticket for free bicycle transport​​​​​

Validity of the Hungary Card Plus 2020: 1st December 2019 – 31st January 2021

The Hungary Card offers 2x 20% discount for up to 2 adults per e-voucher on the Széchenyi Museum Railway of Nagycenk. Before taking advantage of the discount, the relevant e-voucher must be downloaded from the card’s website, printed out and handed over at the ticket office. This discount applies to both card types (Basic, Plus).

The discounts apply on the Hungarian routes operated by MÁV-START Zrt. and GYSEV Zrt.

You can order a Hungary Card 2020 online at

Crystal Tower Bükfürdő

Great discount for adventurers arriving by train:

Visit the Crystal Tower in Bükfürdő and pay 33% less. Ask for our discounted return ticket at the station ticket counter and prepare yourself for a comfortable train trip.

All you have to do is present your admission ticket, which you received at the Crystal Tower, to the conductor on the return journey.

The reduced ticket is valid on the day of travel.

Szentgotthárd Wellness & Spa

Szentgotthárd Spa & Wellness 

Travel at a reduced price to Szentgotthárd Spa & Wellness and enjoy all the benefits of the spa. 

All-day relaxation begins on the train! Buy a return ticket at a 33% discount in a GYSEV ticket office and show your spa admission ticket on the train back home.

The reduced ticket is valid on the day of travel.

Szentgotthárd Wellness & Spa
Spa & Wellness Szentgotthárd
Beltéri medence
Indoor swimming pool







Discounts for the world heritage site Lake Neusiedl

Village in a village, in the outdoor museum of Mönchhof

The life of the past is brought to life in this fairytale village. Be part of an exciting journey through time in the open-air museum established by the Haubenwallner family in their former vineyard. The exhibition, which was awarded a prize in 2018, offers an insight into the former school of the village, guest houses, the cinema, offices, the post office, the fire station, the church and various craft workshops. Get to know the Pannonian culture and everyday life of old times.

Travel by train to Mönchhof! The popular village museum is only a few-minute-walk away from the railway station. Travelers arriving by train get -10% off the price of the entrance ticket!

Group visits must be announced in advance, Hungarian guide is available upon prior request.

Dorfmuseum Mönchof, 7123 Mönchof, Bahngasse 62.,

World-famous sparkling at Szigeti Sparkling Wine House in Gols

The masterful drinks produced by the Hungarian sparkling wine manufacturer Péter Szigeti since 1991 are sold worldwide from the Far East to Scandinavia and America. The family winery uses locally grown, selected grape varieties for the production of sparkling wine, which are harvested by hand and processed using the latest technology. Particular attention is paid to the quality and the Hungarian origin of the wide range of products. Premium champagnes, appreciation of the local culture, international outlook and an endless love for the job is what characterizes every second of Gols sparkling wine production!

For visitors arriving by train, the Wine House offers three different types of sparkling wine tasting in Hungarian with a 10% discount!

Sektkellerei Szigeti Gmbh, 7122 Gols, Sportplatzgasse 2a., 

Prior registration is required for the sparkling wine tasting, the language of the program is Hungarian.

Combined tickets
Fürdőjegy Bük
Spa Ticket Bük

Spa Ticket Bük

The combined ticket is temporarily unavailable from 01.07.2022.
Take the plunge with us in Bükfürdő – with a Spa Ticket!

Comfortable train journey, direct bus transfer, complete relaxation - with a single ticket!

Visit Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa, one of the most popular bathing facilities in Western Hungary with a discounted spa ticket!

The discounted spa ticket includes the following services:

  • One-time return trip with GYSEV to Bük
  • Bus transfer from Bük railway station to the spa and back 
  • Admission to Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa

The price of the Spa Ticket varies on weekdays (Monday-Thursday) and on special days* and weekends (Friday-Sunday).

Prices valid on weekdays (Monday-Thursday)

  Adult Children
(6–14 years)
from Sopron 4 590 HUF 2 715 HUF 3 955 HUF
from Szombathely 4 310 HUF 2 435 HUF 3 675 HUF
from Szentgotthárd 5 330 HUF 3 455 HUF 4 695 HUF
from Körmend 4 770 HUF 2 895 HUF 4 135 HUF
from Kőszeg 4 680 HUF 2 805 HUF 4 045 HUF

Prices valid on special days and weekends (Friday-Sunday)
Special days:

12-15 March 2022
14-19 April 2022
4-6 June 2022
16 June-31 August 2022
22 October-1 November 2022
24-31 Dezember 2022
  Adult Children
(6–14 years)
from Sopron 4 890 HUF 2 865 HUF 4 215 HUF
from Szombathely 4 610 HUF 2 585 HUF 3 935 HUF
from Szentgotthárd 5 630 HUF 3 605 HUF 4 955 HUF
from Körmend 5 070 HUF 3 045 HUF 4 395 HUF
from Kőszeg 4 980 HUF 2 955 HUF 4 305 HUF

Healing, recovery, or entertainment? You don't need to choose, because you can have all of this at Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa with a single spa ticket!

The unique medicinal water of Spa Bük offers a solution for numerous diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but is also ideal for prevention. Immerse yourself in one of the many medicinal pools and take advantage of the diverse medical treatments of the spa.
Do you want to get away from it all? Then try the experience pool or a soothing and revitalizing massage. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Are you coming with a child? The Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa is a perfect option in this case too. Indoor and outdoor pools for children, water games as well as a playground and water playground offer numerous entertainment options for the kids. The spa also offers free animation programs for children.

Terms of use

The Spa Ticket is valid on the day of its validity from the GYSEV railway stations specified above, after 8 a.m. on weekdays and at weekends without restriction, for the regular trains of GYSEV and the local buses of Büki Lokomotív Kft., for a one-time return trip.

The Spa Ticket does not include surcharges or seat reservations.

The ticket is also available in advance and is non-refundable.

The discount applies during the opening hours of the spa. 

More information about Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa:

ZOO kombinált jegyek
ZOO ticket (Győr)

ZOO ticket (Győr)


Visit the animals of Zoo Győr with a ZOO ticket!

One ticket for several services without the trouble of queuing! ​

The ZOO discounted ticket includes the following services:

  • One-time return trip with GYSEV to Győr,
  • Unlimited travel in Győr on local buses,
  • Admission to the Xantus János Zoo of Győr.


  Adult Family1 Student2 Pensioner Children3
from Sopron 5 170 HUF 7 150 HUF 4 450 HUF 4 360 HUF 4 360 HUF
from Fertőszentmiklós 4 790 HUF 6 770 HUF 4 070 HUF 3 980 HUF 3 980 HUF
from Kapuvár 4 420 HUF 6 400 HUF 3 700 HUF 3 610 HUF 3 610 HUF
from Csorna 4 140 HUF 6 120 HUF 3 420 HUF 3 330 HUF 3 330 HUF
from Szombathely 5 690 HUF 7 670 HUF 4 970 HUF 4 880 HUF 4 880 HUF
from Szentgotthárd 6 330 HUF 8 310 HUF 5 610 HUF 5 520 HUF 5 520 HUF
from Körmend 6 010 HUF 7 990 HUF 5 290 HUF 5 200 HUF 5 200 HUF
from Répcelak 4 610 HUF 6 590 HUF 3 890 HUF 3 800 HUF 3 800 HUF
  1. 1 adult + 1 child (2-6 years)
  2. 2 over 14 years, with a valid student ID
  3. 3 from 6-14 years
  4. From 0-2 years, a baby ticket costs 200 HUF, payable in the ticket office of the zoo

The ZOO Plus ticket is temporarily not available for purchase!

Let’s explore the world of reptiles in the Terrarium House of Győr!

The ZOO Plus ticket includes the following services:

  • One-time return trip with GYSEV to Győr,
  • Unlimited travel in Győr on local buses,
  • Admission to the Xantus János Zoo of Győr,
  • Admission to the Füles Bástya Terrarium House in Győr.

Terms of use

The ticket entitles you to unlimited travel on the regular trains of GYSEV and the local buses of VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt. on the day of validity, from the specified GYSEV railway stations, from 8 a.m. on working days and at weekends without restriction. The ticket does not include the surcharge or seat reservation for trains that are subject to a surcharge.

Timetable of Volánbusz Zrt.:

The ticket is also available in advance and is non-refundable.

Travel with us to learn more of nature’s wonders!

Day ticket for 2
Day ticket for 2 (Sopron, Győr, Szombathely)

Day ticket for 2 (Sopron, Győr, Szombathely)

Reduced train ticket and unrestricted journeys on the local buses – take it easy on your trip!

Would you like to stroll in the footsteps of Isis, discover the baroque streets of Győr or clink glasses in Sopron, the most loyal city of Hungary?

Enjoy the advantages of the Day Ticket for 2, which is not only valid for the train trip, but also for the local buses of the chosen destination.

The Day ticket for 2 includes the following services:

  • Travel to Győr, Sopron or Szombathely railway station and back with GYSEV, from any railway station and any route,
  • Unlimited number of journeys on the local buses of the respective city.

Price: 4.900 HUF (for 2 people)

Terms of use

  • The ticket is valid on the selected day, on weekdays from 8 am, on weekends and public holidays all day.
  • For InterCity trains, the appropriate surcharge and a seat reservation must be purchased.
  • The ticket is only valid for two people traveling together.
  • The names of the travelers must be stated on the ticket and, upon request, entitlement to travel must be certified by presenting photo identification.
  • The Day Ticket for 2 is also available in advance, but cannot be refunded or exchanged.

The Day Ticket for 2 is sold in all GYSEV ticket counters.

Timetable of Volánbusz Zrt.:

GYSEV – We make your journey an experience!


"Tekergő" Tickets

Travel, ride, taste and discover numerous wonders!

Travel, ride, taste and discover numerous wonders!
Tekergő ticket

One day and multi-day tours for those looking for relaxation!

  • Relaxing journey with modern and comfortable trains
  • Excellent bikes with top equipment (regular and e-bikes)
  • Experienced bike tour guide

For more information please visit: 




Public Transport Mobile Ticket App
Közlekedési Mobiljegy applikáció

For the sections Csorna-Hegyeshalom and Fertőszentmiklós - Fertőszéplak-Fertőd – Pamhagen, you can purchase your ticket already with a mobile app!

For an easy ticket purchase:

·         Download the Public Transport Mobile Ticket Application of Nemzeti Mobilfizetési Zrt. and its resellers (OTP SIMPLE, VOXPAY) to your cell phone,

·         On the page “Purchase” please click on “Selected service / City” then type “GYSEV” in the search box and select the desired route and product,

·         Set the dates of the journey (day, hour, minute) in the validity field,

·         Check the date of the ticket under “Summary” then click on “Pay” to finish your purchase.

For more details, please visit